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Letter from the COPE Vice-Chair: August 2020

This month we welcome Simon Linacre as our newest Trustee. Simon brings extensive experience in scholarly publishing (predatory publishing, open access, and book publishing), and in business and marketing. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we know that Simon will be an outstanding Trustee and we look forward to working with him.


In the news: July 2020

2007so太阳集团Each month COPE Council members gather and share publication ethics news. This month the news includes articles on text recycling, diversity and inclusion, preprints, and more.


Letter from the COPE Chair: July 2020

Dear Readers,

I would like to begin by welcoming our newest Trustee, Dr Suzanne Farley2007so太阳集团. Suzanne brings a wealth of experience in publication ethics and we are particularly interested in her knowledge with respect to open access. Welcome, Suzanne. We all look forward to working with you at COPE.


Welcome to COPE's new Trustee

COPE's new Trustee Suzanne Farley


Guest article: Self-plagiarism in philosophy

A quip heard in the hallways of some philosophy departments goes like this: when someone publishes a new book, a colleague says, “Congratulations! So, what are you calling it this time around?” With every witticism, there is some level of truth; my professional discipline of philosophy has been somewhat sluggish in addressing the problem of self-plagiarism.


Publication ethics issues in education


Letter from COPE: June 2020

2007so太阳集团At this time we pay our respects to the memory of George Floyd, whose brutal killing has amplified issues of systemic racism in our society. We wish to voice our horror and outrage at the egregious violence, injustice, and marginalisation faced by people of colour in the US and throughout the world. We support all who stand against prejudice and discrimination of any kind.